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Biannual publications from India and Ithaca

November 2010 (1.5mb pdf)
Contents include: Father George Visits Ithaca, and Rochester! Ithaca ALternative Gift Fair, Program News, New Board Members and more.

June 2010 (3.4mb pdf)
Contents include: A letter From India, A Fond Farewell, In Pursuit of Higher Education, Changes in the Board Room and more.

December 2009 (6.4mb pdf)
Contents include: Students in Need, Progress Report, Questions for Father George and more.

June 2009 (7.64mb pdf)
Contents include: Signs of Success, Wish List, The Daily Routine, Book Review and more.

January 2009 (4.9mb pdf)
Contents include: Sponsorhip plea and announcements, Volunteers, Slumdog Millionaire, Next Stop Mattampally, Program updates and more.

June 2008 (768kb pdf)
Contents include: News from the Board, Current Needs, Sponsorship, Letter from a Graduate and more.

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